If you’re like many people with a criminal history, even if it is a single arrest, you may have noticed that your past is holding you back. Having a criminal record can prevent you from:

  • Finding a job
  • Borrowing money to buy a home
  • Financing a car payment
  • Getting an apartment or other rental property

The good news is that you may be eligible to expunge your criminal record and get a fresh start.

What Does It Mean to Expunge a Criminal Record?

Expunging a criminal record means the arresting agency removes any trace that you were in their system. It will appear as if you were never arrested.

What if You Don’t Qualify for Expungement?

Not everyone qualifies for criminal record expungement, but there may be another option. You could still be eligible for criminal record sealing which means your criminal record will not be viewable by the general public.

And House Bill 2373 now makes it possible to seal felonies, no matter the class.

Talk to a lawyer to see how to clean up your criminal record.

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